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Skills for Media Entrepreneurs - Keeping you ahead of the game!
Hertfordshire Skillset Media Academy presents a series of short courses aimed at media professionals looking to stay ahead of the game. Delivered by FDMX, these courses combine relevant business skills with an understanding of the media marketplace.
Lights, Camera, Action... Network (4 Day Course)
The pressure of competition for our time means that filmmakers are obliged to put as much of the available budget on screen as possible. Little is left to woo exhibitors and audiences. The new worldwide web is now the more direct, immediate and cost-effective marketing and publicity channels. Using it requires a more direct and upfront approach; cut through the noise, attract attention to yourself and your content, and engage with your audience. This course shows you how to begin using social media and social/professional networks to find an audience, and as a primary method of promoting and marketing film content to exhibitors. The course is part instructional, part practical, and includes “live” publishing of content to a public site.

Course Lecturer: Colin Birch, Click here to learn more about Colin Birch

Cost - £550 - Subsidies may be available.
Book online and learn more about the 'Lights, Camera, Action... Network' course here...

Being an Effective Manager in Media (5 day course)
Very few managers in Media started their careers with the intention of becoming managers. As a result they can often find themselves in situations which they find difficult or ill-equipped to handle. This course combines some of most important aspects of running an efficient and successful business. FDMX have put together a course that covers four key areas for successful management.

Understanding Your Market
This seminar will introduce the market research used in the media industries and show how it is a vital technique to both assess the commercial viability of business ideas and forecast sales. The principles of good research will be set out and practical ideas and cost-effective research methods will be demonstrated.

Growth and Survival Strategies for Small and Micro Media Businesses
This seminar will help small media businesses plan for growth effectively, understand the implications of growth and the need for new business models and survival strategies.

As well as understanding how to identify the key ingredients for successful business growth, the seminar will also help you assess which model would suit your own business, identify potential partners and collaborators and develop an action plan to drive your growth plan forward.

Media Project Management
This workshop is for potential or current media project managers who may have limited experience in delivering successful projects, and who want to gain an overview before they start. Participants will gain a broad perspective of project management, identify the skills and planning tools required for effective project management and design a basic project specification and overview plan. This seminar will be relevant to all managers engaged in a media content supply chain.

Intellectual Property and Your Business
Intellectual property (IP) is a collection of legal rights that protect innovative ideas. All businesses possess and use IP, whether they are aware of it or not. Knowledge of the IP system is essential if you want to stay competitive and not knowing can present real commercial risks. This introduction will show you how to exploit your IP assets for maximum value, whilst protecting what is special to your business.

Cost - £695 - Subsidies may be available.
Book online and learn more about this course here...
Being an Effective Leader in Media (5 Day Course)
Many people finding themselves in the position of leading small Media businesses have never had leadership training. In difficult economic climates and changing technological landscapes, good leadership skills are not just desirable, but essential if you are to keep your business running.

FDMX have put together a course that covers four key areas for successful leadership.

Managing Change
SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) involved in the media need to embrace rapid changes to successfully navigate the impact of innovations in technology, processes and personnel.

This seminar provides the techniques for managing change and its effects. It is designed to raise awareness of how people react to change, and participants will learn how to communicate positively and maintain working relationships; identify solutions to neutralise negative responses and resistance; develop support strategies; identify the best way forward.

Negotiation and Influencing Skills
The ability to negotiate and influence effectively is vital for creative businesses – setting up a deal or reaching an agreement can be tricky to pull off successfully. Whether you are new to negotiating or need to build more confidence, this practical seminar is designed to enhance your skills and develop effective methods of dealing with clients and interacting with colleagues.

Growing Your Business Through Innovation
Applying new ideas to your media business can help it grow and become more competitive. But how do you decide which ideas to take forward? How do you develop your idea into a new product or service? Will there be a market demand for it? How can you protect your idea?

This seminar will help you develop your business ideas, from initial concept to commercial exploitation. Research shows that innovative companies are more profitable than those that take a routine route.

Leading and Developing Media Teams
Sound project management, effective teamwork and adaptability to change are all essential elements in business success, but in the most successful media enterprises, these elements are further enhanced by clear and decisive leadership.

So what defines a good leader? How do leadership skills differ from those required to manage projects and staff? How can enhanced leadership skills improve a creative business? The aim of this two-day workshop is to increase participants’ contribution to the achievement of their own business goals and objectives.

Cost - £695 - Subsidies may be available.
Book online and learn more about this course here...

For further information, please visit the FDMX website www.fdmx.co.uk or call 01707 284740.

Subsidies may be available for the above courses. To find out if you are eligible, please contact FDMX on 01707 284740 or email: info@fdmx.co.uk
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Marketing for Social Networks
Tuesday 22nd June 2010, 10:00am to Friday 25th June 2010, 4:30pm
The pressure of competition for our time means that filmmakers are obliged to put as much of the ava...  more...
Effective Business Management
Monday 28th June 2010, 10:00am to Friday 2nd July 2010, 4:00pm
Very few managers in Media started their careers with the intention of becoming managers. As a resul...  more...
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