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FDMX Equipment Hire
FDMX Equipment Hire

FDMX offer a selection of rental equipment & accessories including cameras, lenses, lighting, microphones etc. for both industry professionals and university students.

If you are interested in hiring any of our equipment packages you or your company will be required to complete an 'Equipment Hire Agreement' form.

Please email us at: info@fdmx.co.uk or telephone us on: 01707 284740 to discuss your specific requirements.

Item Description Charge
Camera: JVC GY-HD101 Camcorder £TBA
Pickup: Uni. ARU Cambridge
Camera: Panasonic HVX-201AE Dual DV/P2 Camcorder £90/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
Steady Cam: Details to follow. £TBA
Pickup: Uni. ARU Cambridge
Microphone Kit: Panasonic AG-MC200G high quality XLR camera microphone kit for HVX200/DVX100/DVC30 £25/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
Tripod: Manfrotto MN503, MN525 video tripod kit c/w fluid head + 2 stage alloy legs + ground spreader + case £15/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
Basic Interview Kit: Arri 1x800W lamphead w barndoors, 3xLS01 stands, 2x650W junior lampheads w barndoors, lamps, soft bag, crocodile clip £45/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
Lighting Kit: Details to follow. £TBA
Pickup: Uni. ARU Cambridge
Card: Panasonic P216 Gbyte Card £15/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
Shooting Kit: Panasonic HVX-201AE Dual DV/P2 Camcorder, 2 Panasonic 16GB cards, Sennheiser EW-112PG2 Radio Mic system with Camera, Arri 1x800W lamphead w barndoors, 3xLS01 stands, 2x650W junior lampheads w barndoors, lamps, softbag, crocodile clip £150/Day / £600/Week
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
Sound Kit: Sennheiser K6 radio microphone bodypack receiver , Sennheiser EW-112PG2 Radio Mic system with Camera, Sennheiser M66 short shotgun mic, headphones, Rycotte softy, boom, boom attachment grip, carry case £30/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
Studio Hire: Anglian Ruskin University, Cambridge - FDMX Edit Suite with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Maya. Please call for details. £TBA
Location: Uni. ARU Cambridge
MacBook: Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro £30/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
DV Deck: Sony HVR-M15E Compact VTR £30/Day
Pickup: Uni. Hertfordshire
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